Barold: Inferno – Roguelike on Steam
In Need of a Doctor – Animated music video
Barold2D Platformer on Steam
A Gondola Animated Story Short Animated Film from an official Twitch event
Old Twitch by Constera – Animated music video
ppL: The Animated Adventures 2D Platformer on Steam

Original games ppL, Barold, Barold: Inferno

Worked as part of a team Super Seducer 3, Dread X Collection 5, Cube Flip

AdmiralBulldog, Alliance, CPHMANIA, Constera, Donger Dragons,, GoPapayas, GreekGodX, HelenaLive, Into The Breach, JakeNBake, KoasterMusic, Lacari, NikoDota, NymN, RajjixDota, Sepitys, Shrek Retold, SyndereN, TeaGuvnor, Team Cut, Team Secret, Van Darkholme, Yabbe, Zoil, 2O3A

and many more!